# Feedback to Pratyush sir #wewantsqlwithpratyushsir


-Trainer Name :- Pratyush Sir
Module Name :- Python , DSA Basic & CPM
Batch Name :- DS29112A

Thanks to pratyush sir that I have learned a lot of things and It was an awesome experience attending this new innovative program. I learned a lot from the anchor’s words of introduction to the presentation.

  1. Am just speechless. What I acquired from the training was more than what I expected. I enjoyed everything about the training. Kudos to the organizers.

  2. The speakers for all the sessions spoke eloquently, and how pragmatic he made each session was awesome. I understood all that was taught in all the sessions.

  3. Pratyush sir session was superb and stylish as he backed it up with some of his real-life experiences which made it more relatable.

  4. I wish that can I learn my all session with Pratyush sir #wewantsqlwithpratyushsir



Thank you for your valuable feedback :blush:.
Keep Learning.

Thanks for sharing your feedback :+1:
Keep learning and keep growing :heartpulse: