#Feeback to Python Certification Program

Hello I am Ansh Srivastav.,

I have recently Attempt Python Certifications exam. and feedback with round first is good but in second round (Project Building).I didn’t pass test cases. even I didn’t expect that. not only me even any of the student of batch DS291122A who had attempted recently he didn’t expect.

  1. The worst thing of project is 1/2 of the project they have implemented. and thats create a lot confusion there. first they told that you don’t need to take any input in project implementation they told every things is auto implemented. but if you don’t take any input your test cases will Not work otherwise it’ll not work.

  2. The first things you can’t take input variable according to you. if your tried your test cases got failed. you need to take input only according they have given.

  3. it would be better that if they told for whole project implementation within 3 hour we definitely implement that. give us only 3 hours for whole project we can but like this I don’t things so. and I’m not goonna give second attempt until they give project building like this…

    Thank You



We will consider your feedback.