Failed to teach

The Harsh reality of edyoda is that no consistency in teaching as well as the job process

I am Hussain Ahmed from DS060623 batch. I had joined edyoda digital university with good hope to get job from edyoda after 5 months from our batch no one has placed from edyoda after achieving the python certification. In realty edyoda is not providing any jobs and there is no responses from placement team

before joining the edyoda, associates had brain washed to join in edyoda, that edyoda will provide job with min 4 lpa with guarantee

After completion of python module no consistency maintained in teaching modules and every time without informing taking unnecessary leaves by instructors, postponing the sessions it is not good to us.

we had paid certain amount and some one who don’t have enough money they took loan to join this program to learn and get job from edyoda

I would request that from edyoda team I don’t want to continue more in edyoda kindly return my money here Im not degrading here edoyda but showing what we are facing problems daily with edyoda

If i didn’t get the response with in a week then definitely i will share this on all the social platform In that I will clearly mention that don’t join edyoda

look into this issue and give a response @titiksha.chakraborty @mohammedaliparkar342 @pratyushsrivastava50 @zk6290254938 @sumanthkoradala2107 @seemant @aysha.p

yours sincerely
Hussain Ahmed


Completely agree. Same has happened with our batch. They are not taking placements seriously. I’m a student of DS290922, yet i havent got a single interview call from them


The management of edyoda is not showing much interest in giving opportunities to us
they are running there business well to get into student in edyoda and loot money from us