DS160123 Todays latest facts

Date:- 11/02/2023

  1. What Applications Do Data Structures Have?
    Data structures are useful for a number of things, including:
    Model sets and other types of data
    Network modelling
    Identifying and resolving the most basic issues
    This is a popular Python data structure interview question. Arrays in NumPy have three advantages over Python lists:
    :black_circle:NumPy is a programming language that is both faster and easier to use. It comes with a number of free vector and matrix operations that help you save time and effort. They can also be carried out
    Finally, Python lists have several limitations, such as the inability to perform element-wise addition, multiplication, and other vectorized operations. Python must also keep type information for each entry because lists contain a variety of objects. Arrays, on the other hand, have homogeneous objects and hence do not have these restrictions.

NumPy is a not a programming language it’s a module in python.
By the way rest explanation is very good :blush: keep it up.

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