Dear edyoda team without any information our mentor is changed from today and i am not able to understand the main opps topic now, Team please don’t do this it will impact on our future , we want Pratyush Srivastava sir back Please look into this we are in very serios topic and tutor is changed so please make Pratyush Srivastava sir as a tutor or refund the money because python is main base of data science and in between you changed the teacher without asking our class.

Best regards
Gaurav Kumar


Yeah it is true . Without any information edyoda can’t change the pratyush srivastava sir. We want sir back.
Or else give money back.

Best regards

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We want Pratyush Srivastava sir back or else refund.

kindly address this issue

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We respectfully request Pratyush Sir to continue the course due to his effective teaching style, established rapport, and consistency in instruction. Changing instructors may disrupt our learning, and we believe maintaining continuity is crucial.Our intention is not to offend the current instructor but to maintain the positive learning environment.

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please don’t do this Changing instructors may disrupt our learning… we request you to send Pratyush sir back to our class .

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Team how can you do this without consulting the students?? This will effect us very much. We want our mentor @pratyushsrivastava50 back. Please look into this topic and help us asap…

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Dear Edyoda team, requesting you to give back Prathyush sir as our tutor. Suddenly changing the tutor makes difficult for us to adapt. Kindly do the needful.

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Hey… @titiksha.chakraborty Please see this issue.

The way @pratyushsrivastava50 Sir taught ,I clearly understand the topic and do the assignment ,Quiz accurately ,it’s also help in certification exam because the level of certification exam is high and we need to clearly understand the topic . If Edyoda wants to give us the certification , Please don’t change our instructor . Please bring the @pratyushsrivastava50 Sir back for further all our Data Science course classes ,I’m curious about our future , I personally joined that course to get knowledge which were help in finding the Jobs. Please don’t play with our Times and Future.

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Hi team,

I kindly request to take my rest of the classes by @pratyushsrivastava50 sir, as I am from non technical background it too hard to learn coding by written notes and PPT’s and oops was so important concept and its very hard to understand and today i was soo exited to join the session to learn it and i got very disappointed after joining session, now its like a new start for me and again i need to take some time to get adapt, so kindly do the needful

Stephen Surya J

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hello Edyoda team,without any information our tutor has changed.That’s totally effects on our session.New tutor had some difficult to understand the class for us.So please understand our issues. Remaing classes should taken by @pratyushsrivastava50 sir .

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@titiksha.chakraborty @pirjadesimran815 Ma’am only last 10 class left to complete the python and in last teacher got changed. Please do something ma’am we want him back

@pratyushsrivastava50 @titiksha.chakraborty @pirjadesimran815 Mam changing mentor in the middle of the course is not acceptable it is difficult to understand the class for every student everyone is suffering from this so please get our mentor back. Please try to understand students and get @pratyushsrivastava50 sir back to DS010923 batch. Thank you.

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Dear Ma’am
As most of our Batchmates are from Non IT, we are not able to understand Object Oriented Programming Concept. Requested to reschedule OOPs concept once again by Mr.Pratyush Srivastava sir.
I would like to request your good selves to conduct the remaining classes by Mr.Pratyush Srivastava sir only as we are adapted to sir’s methodology.

Hope you will understand our problem.

Thanks in advance

Mamatha Dikonda

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@pirjadesimran815 @titiksha.chakraborty ma’am please respond we all are waiting for your response.

@pirjadesimran815 ma’am please come in today’s class

Hello… @gauravgk2014 I am not the part of this batch since last week. Your new TA is @mvaishali729 . She will help you.

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@Edyoda team, I missed some classes because of Navratri and now i watched recording… I got to know after Mr. Pratyush Sir, other mentor will cover rest classes.
I just want to give my feedback The way Mr. Pratyush taught us and notes he was uploaded all are very good… but I can match the same vibe with new mentor.
Please provide the notes as Mr. Pratyush does.
Also need to improve teaching method.
It’s my loss not yours…I am from non IT background I need mentors’ support at ground level. Thanks.