DS-QUIZ-1-Plz check my quiz screenshot


Amarjeet Kumar
Plz check my quiz screenshot.

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For question 10,
Worst case- O(n)
Best case - O(1)

For question 6,

If there is nothing present in the stack , what you are going to delete it will throw an error.

For question 8,

You cannot create stack using array due to fixed size of array.

All these things are not mentioned in quiz question.So my ans is right.


Only for question 10 we can consider, raise a support ticket for that question, attach the screenshot there.

No, All are consider

you are call me then we will discuss.


Contact support they will answer your queries about quiz.

Plz send the support team mail id.



Sorry, I have a this mail id. But I thought there would be some another maid id for this . So, I asked you.

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Not Solved my query, plz let me know.

@amarjeetkumar1605 contact support