#Doubt sessions

@dsedyoda Mam , will you please come in today’s session. We all having a lots of doubt and there’s only 2 days left for certification

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Sorry, for not coming to the session.

Please tell me your query.

@dsedyoda Will, you come tomorrow ??


Today, if there is a session for you all…I will attend it.
I just checked there is a session today…I will join and will clear all your quiries.

@dsedyoda today’s session start from 08:30 you will attend the session at 07:30


You can ask whatever question you have , I will answer.

The project certification will be online or offline. because instructor told us it will be offline but but but. if it is offline so where to submit the project. they haven’t give any email id or he didn’t told about that how to upload to?? can you please let me know.


The project round will be offline .

When you start giving the exam . You will get the details where to submit and how to submit.

@dsedyoda Mam, we’ll attempt exam from 02:00 PM.


The start timing will be seen in the certification tab.