Doubt regarding the Assignment-1: Nearest Neighbours & KMeans

@Vaishalim722 @shivrajrtandale98 Greetings of the day.
In the ongoing Assignment-1: Nearest Neighbours & KMeans.
we have been asked to do ;

  1. Use pandas to get some insights into the data (10 marks)
  2. Show some interesting visualization of the data (10 marks)

In first point how many (atleast 5 or more than 5?) insights should we use in minimum like (e.g. .head(),info(),describe() etc)
in second point how many visualization should we perform like (e.g histogram, bar plot, boxplot etc)
can you plz help us with this and also plz extend the deadline we need some more time to solve.

Thank you.

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according to the marks you can perform…like 2-3 insights per point atleast… @nagmafariyal2017

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@nagmafariyal2017 Perform as much as you can to get more insight from data it will be always beneficial.

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mam what about the extension of the deadline …We need time to understand the concepts thoroughly and then solve the assignment problems.

i guess that is enough time for assignment which is 14 july - 21 july…if you want to extension the date …you guys submitted it 25 july.

will 10% marks be deducted if we submit on or before 25th july?

after 25 …will be deducted. @nagmafariyal2017

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