Doubt in a Question for Quiz

I had a question on a quiz which asked the number of objects that would be formed while the program ran and the code snippet was

x = [(1,2,3),{1,1,1,2},“This Question is Easy Please don’t skip it”,3.14]
my answer was 5 but i couldnt find it in the options and after the quiz when i checked it was 10 , can someone explain ?

Hi @pirjadesimran815 , can you please check this?

@titiksha.chakraborty @pratyushsrivastava50 Havent gotten a response, would find it really helpful if it was resolved.

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@mohammedaliparkar342 would you mind explaining this to the student?

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so the answer is 8,11? the answer shown in the end was 10? should’nt it be 5 because the first 5 are the ones that we’ve studied.

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@titiksha.chakraborty , Please can you check this

@mohammedbilalkst you can reach out to your instructor in the live session bring this up to his notice. The instructor can make the required changes in the quiz. Once the change is done, let us know, we will delete the submissions of those who submitted and you can retake this quiz.

cc. @pratyushsrivastava50 , kindly look into this and let us know if the change needs to made. If you clarify, then you can edit the quiz and let us know.

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Hi @titiksha.chakraborty @mohammedaliparkar342
The answer for this question is 10.Previously I already informed these things to TA that the Answer for this question is 10(I confirmed this with Edyoda Technical Team before).For my Batch I have changed the answer as 10 and In all rest Batches I informed TA as well as Team few months back to mark answer as 10 only as that is the correct answer.


x = [(1,2,3),{1,1,1,2}, This Question is Easy Please don’t skip it ,3.14]

In python everything is an object so Integer and List are also an object.

**[(1,2,3),{1,1,1,2},This Question is Easy Please don’t skip it,3.14] - 1 List Object **

{1,1,1,2} - 1 Set Object and 2 Int Object

**(1,2,3) - 1 Tuple and 3 Int Object **

**14 - 1 Float Object

******This Question is Easy Please don’t skip it → 1 String Object

**Total → 10 object

cc : @mohammedbilalkst Just a Suggestion Please attend live session as you have not attended Variable Assignment and Object Storage thatswhy this issue has came atleast please go through the recordings once.


Got it sir, thanks for the doubt clearance. Just had a confusion that’s all .

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