Data Science Certification Exam

Hi mam @titiksha.chakraborty This is my second attempt data science exam. Its mentioned my project round at 9 am and coding,mcq around 2pm. I m waiting from morning 9 am the project question is not given. Afternoon i didnt got my mcq and coding. I cant attend my exam. Please helpme.

my third screenshot shows it was completed. Kindly help me. And in my first attempt I attended on 25th june the result shows the future date. I dont know how. please help me. you can also check the time I raised this query. I contacted team support no response mam .kindly help me.


@titiksha.chakraborty please look into this

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Hi @brindhubala30 , don’t worry and panic. We’ll look into it and get back to you soon.

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okay mam.thank you mam

Hi @brindhubala30 , the Support Team has reached out to you. Please don’t worry, you’ll get to have a Certificate exam on the scheduled date.

Kindly keep in mind that we always go through your mails however, the response may take time. You can expect a response to your mail within 24-48 hrs. In the meantime, please have patience.

I hope your query is resolved now.