Confused on favorite food web page submission link

Hello sir, this is abhi from full stack course batch, actually sir iam done with "favorite food web page " assignment, when i comes to submit the assignment it asks link here iam little bit confused on it which link should i submit i think github repo link where i pushed my assignment files (index.hmtl & style.css) right ? :thinking:

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Hi Abhi, glad to hear that you have completed your assignment! Yes, if you have pushed your assignment files to a GitHub repository, you can submit the link to that repository as your assignment link.

Make sure that the repository is public so that your instructor can access it. You can also provide any necessary instructions or notes for your instructor to access and review your assignment in the README file of your repository.

If you’re still unsure about how to submit your assignment, I would suggest reaching out to your instructor for clarification on the submission process. Good luck!


Copy paste both file to codepen. Then share the link. This way anyone can see the output. Codepen is free for everyone. So, use it as host

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