Conditional statements: DS290423

Q.1. Take password input from the user.
If length of the password is greater than 8, then print:
password is valid
else print:
password is too short

Q.2. take marks as user input.
if marks > 80: print A+ grade
if marks > 70 : A grade
if marks > 60: B grade
if marks > 50: C grade
otherwise: failed

n=int(input"enter password"())
if len (n)>8:
print(“password is correct”)
print(password is incorrect")

#Question 1
n=input(“enter the password”)
if len(n)>8:
print(“valid password”)
print(“invalid password”)

#Question 2
num=int(input(“Enter the number”))
if num>80:
print(“A+ grade”)
elif num>70:
print(“A grade”)
elif num>60:
print(“B grade”)
elif num>50:
print(“C grade”)