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Pandas Quiz :
1.Which of the following feature is not provided by the Pandas Module ?
A)Merge and join datasets
B)Filter data using the condition
C)Plot and visualize the data
D)None of the above

  1. From which of the following files, pandas can read data ?
    A) JSON
    B) Excel
    C) HTML
    D) All the above

  2. Which of the following commands return the datatype of the values in each column in the dataframe df ?
    A) print(df.dtype)
    B) print(dtypes(df))
    C) print(df.dtypes)
    D) None of the above

  3. By default, number of rows and columns are returned by the head() and tail() function ?
    A) 10,5
    B) 5,5
    C) 1,5
    D) 1,1

  4. Which of the following can be stored in a dataframe ?
    A) A two dimension ndarray
    B) Lists, dictionaries, or series
    C) Pandas DataFrame
    D) All the above

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  1. C) Plot and visualize the data
  2. D) All the above
  3. C) print(df.dtypes)
  4. A) 5,5
  5. D) All the above
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Q.1 -C) Plot and visualize the data
Q.2 -D) All the above
Q.3-C) print(df.dtypes)
Q.4-A) 10,5
Q.5-D) All the above

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1: C) Plot and visualize the data
2: D) All the above
3.:C) print(df.dtypes)
4: A) 10,5
5: D) All the above

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1.C-Plot and visualize the data
2.D-All the above

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1.D)None of the above
2.D)All the above
5.D) All the above


  1. C
  2. D
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D