Hello, I’m student from A Batch.

Yesterday’s TA inform us that Team not ready for change the examination pattern.

We want to know why team is not ready for change the pattern in any case. Is there something like you don’t jobs. that’s why you don’t want to change the pattern. so that someone will not qualify for the certificate, and he’ll go to the in not qualified group (Where jobs chances are very less).

. When no one cleared the exam, why is it that our issues are not being taken into consideration?
2. The walkthrough that was given on the portal, and what we had in the exam was not same.
3. How fair is it for the team to ask us to give second attempt when nothing will be changed? When you are not going to provide us any help at all, we will face the same issues and our exam won’t get cleared again. You will keep charging amount for the attempts.
4. You NOT considering our problems and NOT providing solution to us simply gives the message that you don’t have jobs and that is why you don’t want anyone clearing the exam.
5. If you say that we were unsuccessful or not capable to do the code, that can be said got few, but when everyone had problem in the project round with partial implementation and mettle platform, you should provide us with the solution. Simply saying no just makes us believe more in the fact that you don’t have jobs and that is why you don’t want us clearing the certification exam.

  1. For many of us, our morale and confidence got down on not clearing the exam and we started doubting on our learning and knowledge.
  2. If you wish to continue the same pattern, then do a live demonstration of a project implementation on mettle platform so that we will also know what to do better in our next attempt.


Don’t worry, your all doubts will get clear on Monday.
Team will do a short session with you guyz.

Till then go to python certification module and see the the pre recorded session of the first topic and go the session recording and Trick and guide to Certification exam.

Don’t worry you will be able to clear the certification. Please Just practice more
Keep learning :heart: