Certificate and Placement Related

Hello Ma’am,

On 26th March, I passed my Python certification exam. However, I am unable to download my certificate from the classroom portal till yet. Additionally, could you inform me when I will be enrolled in the placement group, and could you please share the telegram placement group link.

Hi @thoufeeqansari132 , sometimes there are server issues for which you might not be able to download it in time. But keep checking the Certification portal, you should be able to download it once it is uploaded.

Regarding Placement, please check if the Placement button has been enabled on your Classroom portal. If it has, you need to click on the Placement button. The Telegram link is available at the top of the portal.

You can also go through the following link to chat with the Placement Team -

I hope this helps you.

For me Placements tab is not enabled in classroom portal

Thank you for the support ma’am. Now It is enabled to download the certificate in my portal. But the placement button is not yet added in the portal.

@thoufeeqansari132 , I have just had a talk with the Placement team, the Placement Button is enabled for your batch.

Sometimes, font-size and low resolution can hide some features on your screen. Kindly ensure that your font-size is small and the resolution is high.

You should be able to see the Placement Button.

However, to apply for jobs, you need to clear PRM. Registration for PRM will happen soon, there is a PRM (Placement Readiness Module) starting in April. Infromation about that will be shared soon.

If the problems is still not resolved, feel free to reach out to the Support Team.

you can see the above screenshot, its displaying not yet started

Hi @shivaniposham97, if it is still not enabled, then it will get soon. Meanwhile, you can reach out to the Placement Team by using the live chat option to get any further information.