CB QUIZ ROUND 1 not reflecting as completed (CB120623)

Hi Team,

I have completed CB quiz and got 49/50 marks. But it is still not reflecting as completed.
Please look into this matter as I have completed and submitted the exam.

And to keep you in notice. I gave final assesment exam as well but it is also not reflecting as Completed?
Please look into this matter.

Hi @amangaur4588 , please check if you’ve attempted and completed the second round.

Hi @titiksha.chakraborty , Yes, I have attempted and submitted both rounds . Second round is reflecting as Pending results but for first round when I submitted the exam I got 49/50 marks but when I close that window , It reflected again as Start Quiz. I thought it will take some time to reflect as completed but today as I checked, It is still showing as Start Exam and I have also checked on my submission Tab but there also I am not able to find CB QUIZ scores.

Okay, we’ll look into it, don’t worry. It might take some time, but you will get an update.

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Hi @amangaur4588 , this is resolved. Please check your classroom portal.