Can't push refs to remote. try running pull first to integrate your changes

one week back i created a repo and pushed some code in that … later also i made few changes and directly pushes to main branch … but this time i add few images and made some more changes into that and tried push and this time i got this error…
actually iam the owner of this repository., how to solve this. its very difficult for me to clone the repo and made again changes in cloned and then push back to main… answer pls

Based on the error message you provided, it seems like you are trying to push changes to the main branch of your repository, but there are some changes that have been made in the main branch since you last pulled it to your local repository. This is causing a conflict and Git is refusing to push your changes to the remote repository.

To resolve this issue, you need to first pull the changes made to the main branch of your repository to your local repository. You can do this by running the following command in your local repository:

git pull origin main

This will pull the latest changes made to the main branch of your repository to your local repository. Once you have pulled these changes, you can then make your changes and commit them as usual:

git add .
git commit -m "Your commit message"

Finally, you can push your changes to the main branch of your repository:

git push origin main

If there are still conflicts, you will need to resolve them manually by editing the conflicting files and then committing the changes. Once you have resolved any conflicts, you should be able to push your changes to the remote repository.

Note that if you are still experiencing issues, it may be helpful to reach out to the support team of the hosting service where your repository is hosted.

i tried this but when pull command hits it gives fata error, so i tried this Git Error: 'fatal: Couldn't find remote ref master'
check this url i tried all this commands, i think it works but it showing like this…“branch diverged into two separate try pull to merge” then i tried to pull but not worked … i made changes and pushed back now it is successfully pushed but in my github it showing like this

i hosted this website so that when i pushes code it will automatically runs work flow and updates in my hosted website…so that for now i think it is successfully showing on hosted site what i need exactly but why github showing like this in the above mentioned picture


This is the warning you are getting.
If you want ,you can protect your account otherwise you can remain as it is.

Is this causing some error in your GitHub repo?

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Yes, actually i created only main branch but you can seen that it is showing two branches and saying it is diverged, i know that when sync happens it is showing nothing, but this time it is showing 7 with up arrow, 8 with down arrow… Remaining is good … How to handles this

@kollidayakar77 in the screenshot I am not able to see where the up and down arrow in present.

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No problem, i got solution after tried with peaceful mind…
Anythow thank you so much

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