1. What is diff between http and https…?
  2. What is 404 status code.?
  3. What are four http opeartions we consider?
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  1. HTTP is used to transfer data .
    HTTPS is used to transfer data securely.
  2. 404 page not found
  3. HTTP operations GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.
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https is more secured, it is used to provide encryption to information that we share from client to server

404 is a HTTP response code, which means the requested web page is not found on the server

Create, Read, Update, Delete

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1.http-not secure,send data on 80 port,operates in application layer
https -secure,operates data on 443 port,operates in transport layer
2.404- url not found
3. get,post,put/patch,delete

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http -not secure and encryption is absent
https - secure and encripytion is present
404- error mesaage for page not found

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  1. https is more secured than the http when the html is not used.
  2. 404 error is generated when the user attempt to load a webpage that is not exist.
  3. the four htpp operations are post, get, delete and put.
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