Attendance related issue

@poojagarva my attendance is not getting marked , of 13 june, 24 june, and 10th july .
even if i watch it multiple times

Hi @jeethbopannawork , Pooja is not available at the moment. Your TA is @athiramelekappil . Please note that in order to get the attendance, you need to watch the session recordings within 7 days of it going live. And you need to watch the recordings completely from start to finish.

The attendance for these days have been updated.

sorry maam i wasnt aware of the 7 days limit , and thankyou so much maam

ma’am i’ve also missed till 14th july, could’nt attend these days for personal reasons, but ill be finishning those classes by tomorrow , can i get attendance for that too , as i was not aware of the 7 days limit .

It is done as a one time action @jeethbopannawork . please be more careful from next time.

yes maam will do , thankyou so much maam

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