Assignments not evaluated yet

I am from DS290423 batch assignments and mini projects of pythons are not evaluated yet. So when it will be because exam is there and I want to know it is correct or not otherwise I practice more. When it will be evaluated?

@kalyani-ta-ds please look into this

Divya Mam is our instructor @Divya


Tag your TA please

Hi @kirtihchauhan0511 , please note that no assignments from Python Certification Preparation Module will be evaluated. These assignments and quizzes from this module are only for your practice, and will not affect your overall grades. I hope this clears up your doubts.

The TA of your batch is @kalyanidudhekar .

But mam our python assignments not evaluated yet, from Assignment 5 and projects too which has to be given final project and mini project.

I have checked, and some assignments are pending evaluation. They should be evaluated soon by your TA.

@kalyanidudhekar , please pick this up and evalaute the assignments.

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Okay mam,
Thank you so much.