Assignment submission procedure

Hiii Everyone,
As many of the students were having problem in submitting their assignment, I am sharing step by step process to submit your assignment, still if you face any issue while submitting your assignment, you can reach out to us or reply here.

  1. Write your coding solution on any platform such as VS Code, Jupyter Notebook etc.
  2. Save that file on your system.
  3. Now open your GitHub Account and then the repository in which you want to upload your assignment
  4. Choose the option to ‘Add file’ and then upload files option.
  5. Choose the file to upload.
  6. Once the upload gets completed click on the commit changes Button.
  7. After that copy the url of the file you uploaded on github.
  8. Share the link for your respective assignment .

If anyone still face any problem, feel free to reach out to me.
Divya DS_TA

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how do we upload an output on git? is uploading the code enough?

why my assignment score is 0. but my answers are correct .I have complied and submitted

uploading the code is enough, you just need to write your codes and share your file.

Please let us know your Batch No. May be your assignment has not checked yet.

mam i submitted my first assignment but i dont know how to submit it on first time so that i submitted my 3 coding answers for first question only on 3 different links.will you please consider it.

You have submitted all three answers right?
Can you please tell your Batch No.?

may i know the reason why i failed in assignment 2 ,bcoz i gave correct code for all of my answers but still i failed in assignement 2

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Hiiii @manu31manasa ,
You can contact your Batch Teaching assistant if you have any problem related to assignment marks, what is your Batch No. ?

This is my batch number :Ds171222B

Hiii @manu31manasa ,
In assignment 2 there were 2 questions, and you submitted the link for 2nd question in both the questions and question 1 is missing there, that is why you did not get any mark for question 1. I hope your query is resolved now.

thank you …thats my mistake

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yesterdays session recording is not available (03-02-2023)…will you please provide it

Hiiii @manu31manasa ,
Is the recording for all the sessions available now ?

except 3rd feb recording ,all are available

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@manu31manasa , okay let us check, we will get back to you soon.