Assignment Doubts

When try to open the github link. Its asked username and password.

How to share the assignment to public.

@sathsaran01 Make your GitHub profile public and then submit your profile link.

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You can login to your account
Go to your profile
Copy the link which is the url bar
Submit it in the portal

I am Debraj Jha from current batch DS291122A.
I have submitted my first assignment but I failed my mark was 0 out of 100 . I have submitted in that procedure what had been shown on class video suggestions how to submit… After that I saw my result yesterday night. Please consider me in this regard because I have lots of practices in that assignment.

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@jhadebraj123 reply me with your original name on teams

Debraj Jha(jhadebraj123)

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Message me on teams please @jhadebraj123