Are you ready to take up the HTML CSS challenge?

For batch FSR170723, or anyone who is new to HTML and CSS can try
I will be posting some challenge for HTML and CSS, it only consists of basic HTMl and CSS for you to practice.

  • You should have at least basic understanding of HTML and CSS

  • To complete this challenge, you should not use any online help, try doing it on your own. Any submission by copying from online will be rejected.

  • You can use any IDE or online code editor and share the link once you are done as comment to this post…

  • Last date for submission 8th August 2023

Challenge 1: A Tribute Page
Problem statement
The idea is to test whether a student is able to create a basic website with HTML and css. As the name goes, you will have to create a tribute page.
The tribute page should include:

  1. Person’s biography
  2. Accomplishments
  3. a picture of the person
  4. You are more welcome to add special quotes by the personality to make it more encouraging.
  5. Use styles such that your website is not messy and looks aesthetically presentable. The better the style the better the marking.


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