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dear sir i am attempt the first round and my all three coding question are correct when i,m running in vs code they all the perfectly run, and in test code editor they will show no error, they give me the zero marks in code, plzz check all the coding question and get the correct marks

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@ankitpanwar212585 We will check and let you know soon.

Mam is there possible to regrade coding question in web development exam?

@ankitpanwar212585 , It has been told repeatedly that you are not supposed to run your codes in VS Code. The notifications were sent out and posts are available on Community. You have to write all codes in Mettl and the writing experience will be like if you write codes on Hackerank. All of this was mentioned.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do here. You can reattempt the certification exam again from the Certification tab after paying the exam fee. You can check all details from the Certification tab.

This was unfair mam, We are familiar with vs code, hacker rank ,jupyter etc but don’t know about mettl platform. It was not taught even in single class. While we are running in any other platforms, codes are running well but in this mettl platform it is showing errors. It was not our mistakes. Please find any solution for this. So we don’t want to regret by choosing edyoda… Thankyou


I can understand your situation @ananthkumar9293 , but all the required information is already available. Whenever you have doubts you could have reached out to your instructors. This is the standard protocol and everyone was expected to have practiced it in the time given. Video walkthroughs of the certifications were available in the JavaScript module itself.

Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do.

We can not answer any questions from any sort of exams @ananthkumar9293 .

Then where can we get correct answers mam?

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I agree with @ananthkumar9293 yes he said right my all codes are running fine in js online compiler and vs code but it is not running in mettl platform it is showing errors and test cases was not passed yesterday we faced many difficulties also got zero marks and Failed in Round1.

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@keerthibeeraka , as mentioned before, there is nothing we can do. All the help you that you need was already available, you needed to be confident to take the certification exams, if you were not you could have rescheduled the exam to any date when you felt more comfortable. There are many students who took the necessary steps, and prepared themselves.
You can discuss about the correct answers in your sessions with instructors. But the fact that writing code on Mettl will be like writing codes on Hackerank was mentioned several times.

mam all codes are running in another plateform, it means our codes are correct , this is not fair mam , why we are paying again and again for the exam , when our codes are not running in another platform it our mistake , but it still running

Mam you told that we need to pass 2 rounds then only passed otherwise failed right? I had filed in 1st round then what is the use of attempting 2nd round?

Before writing exam everyone will be confident and they will give their best in exam. We are not asking about the quiz questions and coding questions but the platform which we need to code that is mettl platform is not ecofriendly to us. That is the main issue. If we want to pay money we are ready but after writing code correctly it is showing wrong that was most discouraging and feels regret.


Guys, you need to understand that it was mentioned that how you write codes on VS Codes and gitHub or other such platforms will be different than how you write it on Mettl. That is why we asked you to practice writing codes on Hackerank. There are some things which will not be visible to you if you do not code directly on Mettl and instead upload it elsewhere. That is why we asked repeatedly for you to go through the resources completely before attempting the exam. The process will be the same for everyone - if you fail in one round, you have failed the entire exam since both of those rounds are integral for the exam. You can’t just take one round and not the other since the platform on which exams are conducted will not allow it since that it how the system is designed. There is unfortunately, nothing we can do. All we can ask you is to properly go through all such information before you take Certification exam.

Finally answer this mam. I failed in round1 so there will be no use of attempting the second round right? Please answer

@ananthkumar9293 please reach out to Support by writing a mail. They will be able to help you.

:broken_heart: :pray: Thankyou for your advice mam

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