About python certification exam issue

@titiksha.chakraborty I had taken my certification exam on 18/06/2023 in the first round of the exam in basic programming section my first code was correctly executed as per the problem in google colab but when the same code executed in the mettl platform there is showing the test cases has been failed. Due to which my exam is not qualified so can u please check the issue

There are various edge cases which may have not passed , so it was showing error , If your code has satisfied all the conditions then all the edge cases will be passed @premagowdacse

Actually I had executed the same code in the google colab but the code was executed successfully for the sample test cases and the custom input also but I don’t know why there was test cases failed. I had shared the screenshot of executed code in google colab in the support team. Can u please check it.

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Please contact support , they will help you @premagowdacse

I had already mailed this issue to the support team twice but there was no reply from support team. So please help me with this issue

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I am requesting you this much only becoz its certification exam and it effects my placements

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@titiksha.chakraborty please look into this

@premagowdacse , If the problem is not from your side don’t worry. Support will get back to you soon.